Upcycled Black and White Chevron Athletic Stretch Jersey Scrunchie

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Upcycled stretch Jersey scrunchie with black and white chevrons throughout. This fabric started life as a stretchy belt! Now it is ready for duty holding back your hair, even while you work up a sweat. As I am not the original owner, nor did it have a content tag; I am not 100% sure of the fiber content.   My best guess is a cotton blend, as it feels like a very soft, thick, t-shirt material.

All scrunchies have a double-reinforced 1/4" elastic core, sized slightly larger than a mass-produced hair tie elastic. This makes the size comfortable for most people to wear on their wrist as well as the usual uses for hairstyles. Most Knitnfrog scrunchies are fuller and "rufflier" than commercially available scrunchies, unless specifically noted in the listing, as well as being wider to showcase more of the fabric designs.